90% of brain development happens before a child reaches age five. This is a very small window to make sure children have what they need to succeed later in life. A Family Place provides and facilitates prevention services, with the goal to increase family strengths and enhance child development.

By the numbers

600 children and their families receive services from AFP across the entirety of Yamhill County

3 Physical Locations: Newberg, Willamina, and McMinnville

120,000 diapers distributed through diaper banks, home visiting, deliveries, and classrooms

60 volunteers currently serving their local community through A Family Place

99% of children enrolled in statewide Relief Nurseries remain safely living with their parents

197 caregivers completed our parent education program

628 home visits completed, providing infant mental health care in a home setting

Economic Impacts of Relief Nurseries

ECONorthwest studied the potential lifecycle benefits to participants in the Relief Nursery as well as cost savings to taxpayers and communities in Oregon. Participation in Relief Nurseries has a life-cycle benefit to the community of $9.7 million to $18.5 million. This is calculated by the potential increased future earnings and taxes paid by participants, increased high school graduation, reduced special education, reduction in crime, and reduced incidence of child abuse and neglect.

*OARN Biennium in Review

$4 return on investment in AFP


We believe all families need support. A Family Place partner with families facing multiple stressors in our community to provide the tools, resources and support needed to be the best parents they can be.

Client centered success metrics

Families participating in the Relief Nursery show statistically significant improvements across the following areas:

  • 99-100% child abuse prevention success rate 
  • 40% increase in parent employment 
  • 54% improvement in family functioning and stability

Facilitating wrap around services

To compliment the Relief Nursery, AFP staff regularly refer clients to other services equipped to address a variety of challenges. This includes:

  • LCSNW School-Based Mental Health
  • Case management services
  • Skill-building for children and families enrolled in Yamhill County elementary and middle schools
  • Referring to our Safe Families for Children program

Fostering community engagement

A Family Place program is rooted in the community and heavily dependent on volunteers in all areas from Diaper Bank volunteers, to classroom volunteers, to individuals who simply spread the word.

We have over over 200 volunteers currently serving our program.

    Child smiling

    Utilizing Evidence Based Programs

    Our model was founded and trademarked by Relief Nursery Inc based in Eugene, Oregon.

    Make an impact, invest in prevention

    Community donors provide a strong base from which A Family Place can grow our mission to nurture children and empower families to strengthen our local community.

    Monthly Donation Chart